We take our solutions very seriously

When you mention banging blinds.com , almost everybody has a story like " I put socks behind my blinds"  or  " I have pillows in the windows" I have actually heard of people taking the base rail off the blinds to stop the noise!

" Use The Force".  enjoy fresh air without the noise  

We have been involved in manufacturing and selling blinds for many years, and are always looking for ways to make blinds better. For years  customers have been saying " we love the blinds, but how can we stop them banging in the breeze" the standard answer has always been "unfortunately its the nature of the product, if you need air flow you will need to raise your blinds". The new answer is " Use The Force". With The FORCE you can now enjoy fresh air and have your blinds lowered without the annoying banging noise of the base rail hitting the wall or window frame. This problem it is now solved.


No more shoes or pillows jammed behind the blinds to deaden the sound of them banging ,sleep in silence. You  now have the ability to have fresh air circulating while still enjoying the function of the blind, privacy, room darkening or protection from the sun

What is the FORCE ?

The FORCE IS a repelling balanced magnetic field strong enough to stop blind rails hitting walls or windows, it is a break through for the blind industry and sleepless customers. This unique invention has a Patent pending in 157 countries.